Jain Wedding Traditions and Rituals

India is a land of diversity. In the country, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jain stay here in harmony and peace. Various traditions and rituals done by each community make this country so beautiful and unique in the World. Though the Jain population in the country is comparatively less as compared to the Hindus and Muslims, but they have always been a prominent and important section of the Indian society. Their girls and boys have got brilliant minds and they study well.

Jain Matrimony By Weddinginn
Jain Matrimony By Weddinginn

When it comes to a Jain wedding, simplicity, traditional and ritualistic wedding describes the Jain wedding. There are many traditions and rituals followed in a wedding which makes a Jain wedding so special, so beautiful.In a Jain wedding people have understanding not only of the customs and rituals of Indian weddings but also of the complexity and variety in which they are performed.

Nowadays, there are plenty of Jain matrimonial sites in India for Digambar and Shwetambar Jain’s. In these websites loads of brides and bridegrooms available for the marriage. Divorced men and women also register there to find their soul mate without wasting much time and money.

Jain Weddinginn

Jain weddings are simple and very traditional full of rituals. Just like any other community, the typical Jain marriage consists of certain simple rituals in which some are pre-marriage, during marriage and some and post-marriage. Marriage for Jain people is a bond forever and is a declaration by the couple that they desire to be together for a lifetime.

Like many other communities, Jain’s also prefer to get their sons and daughters married within the community. They never allow their sons and daughters to perform inter-caste marriage or marriage in other communities. So they look for a boy or a girl within their community through online sources. In this fast paced life, no one has time to help others find perfect match for their son or daughter, so now parents are taking help from the largest Jain matrimonial Sites in India..

Pre-Wedding Rituals

  • LaghanaLekhan
  • LagnaPatrikaVachan
  • MadaMandap
  • Barati
  • Aarti

Wedding Rituals

  • Phere
  • Kanyavaran
  • Havan
  • GranthiBandhan

Post Wedding Rituals

After the wedding and pre-wedding ceremony, the parents and the priest offer blessings to the couple. This is followed by a grand feast, and is strictly vegetarian. The parents also give alms in the Jain Temples as thanksgiving for the successful marriage.

Jain Matrimony
Jain Matrimony

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