Karnataka Matrimony Meets Your Wedding Dreams

Grand wedding is what every girl dreamt of since their childhood. They want a prince charming coming on a horse and taking her to the world of dreams. Karnataka matrimony Site is the place where the girls can found their prince charming and a partner for the lifetime. It is assumed that the two souls are tied in the heaven only and they search for each other on the earth. It seems to be difficult to find the soul mates in such a huge World. But today with the digital technology nothing seems to be impossible.

Karnataka matrimony

If you are wishing to look for your better half, then simply register yourself at Online Karnataka matrimony and complete your search of having a perfect life partner. It is no doubt that the Kannada marriages are full of customs and rituals thus, following a tradition of arranged marriage is what the generation still looks for, to emphasize their caste and religion.

Kannada wedding rituals:

Mandap puja – Mandap puja is performed on the day of the wedding to make the place holy to perform the marriage rituals. The groom is taken to the Mandap by the Bride’s father for worshipping ceremony known as the Var puja.

Jaimala Ceremony – When the bride is escorted to the Mandap by her uncles, the bride’s face is covered with a fan or peacock’s feather. The bride and groom are positioned on the either side of a white cloth separating them.  With the chanting wedding mantras, the white cloth is removed and the couple exchanges their garlands.

Dhare Herdu – This is the ritual where the bride’s parents hand over the bride to the groom for a lifetime to love her, care for her, and stand by her at every phase of life.

Saptapadi – Wheat or rice is then put into the havan for five times, before beginning the 7 pheras or the Saptapadi. The bride follows the footsteps of the groom around the divine fire. Then the Mangalsutra is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom with a promise of staying with her forever after.


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