Jain Matrimony Sites Compliments the Traditions of the Religion


It’s no doubt that the Jain’s strictly follow their religious traditions. Jainism is the most ancient and existing religion in the world. Jain dharma put a strong emphasis on the ethical conduct of the religion and individual purity for the freedom of the soul. They strongly believe that the souls are made in heaven and are sent on the earth to meet through a pre-organized plan. Their beliefs in the marriage have not changed with changing custom and traditions of the other religions. Since the Jain’s are devoted to the work and responsibilities, the parents want to find the perfect match for their daughter or son belonging to the same religion. But due to increasing competition in the market, they need to give more time to their business and that is why there is no time left for them to visit their relatives and ask for the help to find a match for their child. Therefore, here at this stage, the young generation adopts the evolving technology and register themselves on a Jain matrimony site India to lower the burden from their parents while looking for the right life partner for them.

Jain marriages:

Just like any other religion, Jain’s also enjoy the occasion of their wedding with great celebrations. The wedding ceremony goes through simple yet fascinating pre and posts wedding rituals. Through Jain matrimony services, one can find their better half who can value these rituals and customs that are valuable to the families.

Pre-wedding rituals:

  • Lagana Lekhan
  • Lagana Patrika Vachan
  • Engagement ceremony
  • Mada Mandap

Wedding rituals:

Once the pre-wedding rituals are over, the wedding ceremony starts with the bride and groom sitting under the mandap and the Jain priest keep on chanting the holy mantras. Then, the father of the bride does a Kanyadaan by placing the hand of the bride in the hands of groom and takes the promise from the groom that he will take good care of her daughter for the rest of the life. Then the pheras are taken around the holy fire.

Post-wedding rituals:

  • Ashirvada ceremony
  • Sva Graha Aagamana, giving a warm welcome to the bride at the groom’s house
  • Jina Grahe Dhan Arpana
  • Reception

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