Brahmin Matrimony in India: Most Lavish and Extensive Matrimony

Brahmin Matrimony in India is the most lavish and expensive. They extend over a period of five to seven days. They are highly traditional and strongly cleave to the ancient rituals and traditions. Moreover, marriage is considered a vital religious tradition in Brahmin community. It is held as one of holy sixteen sanskaras or sacraments. It is not just the shackle between men and women but it is the shackle of their families as well. The Brahmin Matrimony in India is majorly divided into three sections.



The pre wedding rituals involve engagement, Tilak, Sagai, Sangeet, and Mehendi. The Engagement can also be known as the ring ceremony, wherein the prospective twosome exchanged ring. Next is the Tilak ceremony, in which the brother of would be bride applies tilak to the bridegroom and offers him gifts. After this, the Sagai ceremony is conducted in which both the families exchange gifts and then comes the Sangeet ceremony, wherein the ladies and girls family and friends sing and dance to enjoy the function. Just before the marriage, the Mehendi or henna ceremony is organized, in which Mehendi is applied on bride’s hands and feet.


The marriage custom commences with the varmala ceremony, in which the Brahmin bride and the bridegroom exchange varmala or flower garlands. After this, they are escorted to the Mandap where the Kanyadaan ritual is performed. This ritual is performed by the bride’s father; he gives away his daughter to the groom, while the Pandit chants mantras. After this, the Mangalpheras take place around the holy fire. After this, the bride and the groom take the seven vows known as Saptapadi and promise to abide by them throughout their lives in every condition. After this, the groom fills the bride’s hair parting with sindoor or vermilion. Then groom ties the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck.


The post wedding customs involves of vidaai and reception. In the Vidaai ceremony, the family of the bride gives her a sobbing farewell. On the arrival at the groom’s house, the new couple is welcomed with full esteem and enormous love by the groom’s mother, with a traditional aarti.


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