Traditional Rituals of Brahmin Weddings

Every wedding season rings the mingle bells for eligible singles. Indian weddings are known for elaborating colorful ceremonies that begin days before the wedding date. Since the day you found your soul mate on one of the Brahmin Matrimony Sites India, the rituals begin from the day such as horoscope matching, exchanging rings, asking a pandit to evaluate an appropriate wedding day and so on. The Brahmin community is manifested to import broad religious and spiritual values. They have been carrying the spiritual values since the Vedic science which strengthens their beliefs in wedding and the purity of wedded couple. However, not every Brahmin is familiar with the religious chanting of Vedic Mantras, thus, they call a Purohit or Pandit for the service of wedlock chanting. Here are the authentic wedding customs followed by the Brahmin community.

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Indian weddings are arranged in a bulk of rituals and customs. The day you found your prospective life partner on either of the Brahmin Matrimony Sites India, the traditions begin from the same day. However, everything goes in a beautiful process starting from booking a bride or groom to blessing the couple on their wedding day. On the wedding day, the groom rides on a white horse to travel the bride’s place and all his relatives and friends enjoy the baraat by dancing throughout the way. As the baraat reaches the bride’s place, the guests are greeted and warmly welcomed by the parents of the bride. Then the guests are offered food and sweets. In the meanwhile the significant customs are performed with the wed-couple including:

Kanyadan – Kanyadan is a ritual in which the bride’s father handovers the bride to groom and takes a promise from the groom that he will take good care of her throughout her remaining life.

Panigrahan – During this ritual, the groom holds the hand of the bride and takes the seven vows while the Pandit chants the Vedic Mantras.

Taking the blessing – The couple takes the blessings of elder members and here goes another success story on the Brahmin Matrimony India.


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