Principles in a Christian Wedding

The generation has surely moved on from the traditional arranged marriages process to the digital ones. No matter where the couple found each other, either on Christian Matrimony Site India or through their family network, the strong bond and connection of exchanging the wedding rings still remain the same. When two different souls exchange their wedding rings with one another in front of the Jesus Christ, it is believed that the two souls turn into one and both partners take the vows to stand  beside each other in every up and down, happiness and sorrow, health and illness, and rich and poor phase of life. Christian wedding vows are based on their holy Biblical principles which define as the connection of two into one. This lifetime connection unites love, honor, respect, loyalty, and dedication for the holy relationship.

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First principle – This principle was made to be for entire life, and Jesus mentioned no man is to separate what God has combined. Regardless of any cultural trends to the contrary, the plan of God is to unite one man and one woman in marriage till the death sets them apart.

Second principle – This principle is based on love. Today Christian Matrimony Site India is seen as the foundation of love and the purpose of marriage. Ephesians of the Holy Bible commands the Husbands to love their wives just like as Christ loved the Church and dedicated his entire life to her. This is not just about the emotions associated with the marriage, but self-sacrificing efforts that both the partners will make for their entire life.

Third principle – This is also directed at husbands as they will take their wives as a precious treasure and will respect their wives forever after and the success, health, and wealth will hug them as a gracious gift of life.

Fourth principle – This last principle is dedicated to Wives and they are commanded to treat their husbands as to the Lord. This dedication and respect are in unification with the honor and love that the husbands give to their wives.


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