Tips to Discourage Dowry in Soni Community

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In Soni Matrimony, you will see that there are many rituals and traditions. In olden times, dowry was considered to be one of the most important things in the Indian weddings. The bride’s father used to give a lot of money, gold, furniture and many more things to her daughter. It is different thing that if the father of the bride can afford it or not. It was one of the most important things in the wedding. But now, in modern times, things are somewhat different in Soni Matrimony India and it has become perfectly settled. Now, the family of the bride makes sure that their daughter would study well and would stand on her own feet. Also, the dowry was given as per the financial condition of the girl’s family. But in reality, this system of dowry in marriage is not at all right and there should be healthy escape from this system. We should try to control the system of dowry of India because if it is encouraged then it will spread like the pest. Here are some of the tips that would help you to discourage dowry system in India:

  • In Soni Matrimony, people come in weddings only to enjoy and have fun. But when it comes to exchange of expensive gifts and all, there should be some limit.
  • Now days, the boy and the girl are both well educated and independent and so they can earn on their own. Therefore, this system of dowry should be ignored and should not be given importance at all.
  • In weddings, gifts are given out of love and affections. But when, something is demanded it is called Dowry. The family of the groom would tell the bride’s family that what they expect in dowry. If such things are observed in a wedding, then you should become more and more cautious. It has now become more and more important for the families of Soni community to escape this system of Dowry.

The bride’s family should make these things very clear and they should communicate very well that they are against the system of dowry.


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